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I'm Not an Ordinary, I'm an Extraordinary


Hi! My Name is Riana. But you can call me Rei. I’m a young mom who have a simple big dream. I love blogging, this is my new blog because the previous one was lost (forgot any password and email,too) and drawing is a part of my life because i can express what i tought that unspoken.

I’m Not an Ordinary, I’m an Extraordinary

That quote is soo inspire me. i’ve got from my leader when i stoll in Multilevel Marketing member. May she not mad if i use her quote,too.

What was you did before, you will get it now. Because the future is now.

Yes, actually we live in the future life. what was happen yesterday, what was we shall yesterday, that is happen now. If your dream not came true, maybe you not really want them.

With Love,

– Riana Rei –